Frontend Developer Packaging and Pricing (m/w)

In this position you are responsible for the front-end code of websites. You are part of a cross-functional team with the focus to implement and test new packaging and pricing concepts for the Jimdo product. Your team will consist of front-end and backend-developers, designers, and marketing experts.


  • Build and improve the front-end of our websites
    • Contribute to the development of the websites in a cross-functional team
    • Adapt the code’s structure to the current requirements
    • Develop website front-ends based on graphics delivered by a designer
  • Set up A/B tests to evaluate new features
    • You should bring a strong focus on validating the success of features
    • Enable A/B testing by implementing new features guarded with feature flags
  • Question and improve the existing front-end architecture
  • Care about the toolchains processing and delivering our front-end assets
  • Have an overview of relevant backend services and work with their client libraries and/or APIs
    • Work in a cross-functional team together with backend developers
    • Discuss the interfaces between front-end and backend
  • Continuously deploy changes and help in improving our pipeline
    • You strive for short feedback cycles
    • Help to improve development and deployment processes continuously


  • Create and maintain clean, portable and well-documented code
  • Enable product teams to quickly iterate on new features
  • Bring in your experience with user facing interfaces to improve technical standards and direction
  • Translate tasks into technical requirements
  • Come up with the most effective and efficient solution for architecting the technology


  • Broad knowledge and experience in software development for the web.
  • Excellent skills in developing frontend applications with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Excellent skills in working with frameworks/libraries like Angular, React & jQuery.
  • Knowledge about web development tooling and its purpose (e.g. webpack, grunt/gulp).
  • Basic knowledge about test-driven development techniques.
  • A sense of quality and the discipline to refactor legacy code.
  • A passion for quality and software design patterns.